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coach greg

Who am I?

My professional career in fitness began 4 years ago when I started working as a full-time Coach, Head Weightlifting Coach and Head Strength & Conditioning Programmer at a CrossFit gym. However, my energy and passion for fitness and physical challenges sparked from a very young age, as well as my love for a demanding mental challenge.

Ask me to climb a rope, lift a heavy sandbag, swim in a freezing cold lake, race my girlfriend in a Daily Telegraph wordsearch, or solve an irritating word riddle and you'll find me in my element!

On top of all of this, I'm a huge lover of sport and competition. My sporting background of county-standard rugby, CrossFit, football, tennis, skiing and golf enables me to identify the specific requirements needed to help elevate your sports performance through distinct exercises and programming regimes.

My gym is just a 15 minute walk from Harpenden train station. It is here where the madness, the fitness, the challenges and bettering-of-oneself unfold.


What drives me?

Like most avid exercisers, I get a buzz from finishing a workout. However, I believe the greatest reward comes from surpassing what you thought you were capable of in those tough moments of a workout and saying: "Wow. I can't believe I did that. I wanted to stop but I never gave up." This feeling of surprise and accomplishment is what I strive to recreate for my clients. The feeling of victory and success you get in the gym (whether it's once, twice or up to six times a week) has an enormous compounding effect on our mental health, self-belief and confidence for life outside the gym.


My sole drive and passion as a personal trainer is to help guide and challenge you to become the strongest, fittest and most mentally tough you have been in years... OR EVER! I want you to enjoy the process, celebrate and revel in the noticeable improvements which bring you ever-so closer to your goals.

Let's face your physical goals! Whether you want to perform your first pull up, prepare for a hike, lose 5 kilos, squat the most you have ever lifted, or run for 5 minutes without stopping, we will get there together!

My Qualifications

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer Certificate


Enhanced understanding of the CrossFit methodology, program design, and implementation.  With advanced skills in coaching others in movements and workouts.

CrossFit Programming Certificate

Advanced knowledge and deeper understanding of the elements in functional fitness programming to create effective workouts to optimise results

CrossFit Scaling Certificate


Exposure and knowledge in appropriately modifying functional fitness workouts and exercises to best suit athletes of all ages and fitness levels 

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