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Find out what my clients say about me

Gareth, 40

Olympic Weightlifting 


"Greg is an excellent PT. He quickly seems to find your comfort zone and then pushes you ever so slightly out the other side. He does all this with an ever present smile too. Great guy. Love my sessions with him."

Jess, 28

Olympic Weightlifting


"I am a regular at CrossFit and, through Greg, my olympic weightlifting has massively improved thanks to his eagle eye for technique and natural ability to build your confidence with the barbell. He is such a people person and the sessions fly by. Greg puts so much thought into each session - would seriously recommend for anyone looking to improve their performance as well as anyone just getting started on their fitness journey!"

Michael, 27

Functional Fitness


"I worked out with Greg after lockdown to rediscover my fitness. He was immensely helpful and patient with me and not only helped me find my fitness but pushed my boundaries on what I would normally do and I ended up fitter than I had ever been. Not only is he great at programming a workout, he also is very knowledgeable on technique and is great at giving extra support on how to improve this."

Nigel, 65

Functional Fitness & Strength Training


"I have trained with Greg for 4 years. He is a CrossFit-qualified coach and he has a brilliant set-up at home. He is an excellent coach who will design an interesting and varied fitness programme that ensures that your personal fitness objectives are met whilst making you work hard but having fun. I highly recommend him to look after your coaching requirements."

Gabe, 25

Muscle Building

"I repeatedly failed to stick to exercise regimes for any extended period of time and lost interest quickly. Since finding Greg, his personable, motivated and committed approach towards ensuring I achieve the results I've been looking for has transformed my outlook on the gym. An expert in his field who tailors a bespoke package to suit his clients."

Andy, 39

Aerobic Capacity & Mobility


"I really enjoy my PT sessions with Greg, working on cardio fitness and mobility. He is a low-ego guy, very friendly and a great coach. His gym is well kitted out but his music choice is questionable!"

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